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Our ICO Launch Site

Post by ScottyT » Tue May 01, 2018 8:00 pm

Come and have a look - https://mb8coin.io/

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Re: Our ICO Launch Site

Post by jackofalltrades91 » Wed May 02, 2018 10:12 pm

A real world Cryptocurrency with retail outlets ready to accept . . . .
MB8 Coin will be used as the ‘fuel’ for the existing loyalty rewards network. MB8 Coin will be the first ever cryptocurrency that is released with a proven real world use and will be accepted as part or whole payment within the existing network of vendors and retailers. MB8 Coin is set to become the backbone of the rewards network that has already been white labelled by over 2100 businesses.
Click here to view the whitepaper https://mb8coin.io/#coindocs

Customer Benefits
  • MB8 Coin will be listed on exchanges where customers will have the ability to trade the coin for other currencies.
    MB8 coin will be accepted by over 2100 businesses soon after ICO completion.
    The Multibuy App is being re-developed and will soon show nearest accepting business partners.
    Gain MB8 Coin while using the existing rewards platform.
    Book holidays online paying up to 100% with MB8 Coin with a 1 MB8 Coin : 1 Euro Value.
    Buy products online paying up to 70% with MB8 Coin with a 1 MB8 Coin : 1 Euro Value.
    Spend MB8 coin within existing and growing loyalty rewards network.
    Gain 5% p/a additional MB8 Coin rewards through staking.
Business Partner Benefits
  • Ability to benefit from increased business from new customers and brand awareness.
    Ability to buy and sell the rewards tokens on the open market rather than from a closed source at a fixed price.
    Vendors will receive MB8 Coin at ICO and from all future customer redemptions on offers.
    Ability to accrue 5% additional MB8 Coin rewards p/a. (by staking)
Multibuy Benefits
  • Reduced costs in running and maintaining the Multibuy rewards system.
    Increased business recognition and new customers from untapped areas.
    Industry first where a rewards system replaces its operating model to Blockchain technology.
    Opens the rewards system to anyone who wishes to participate.
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